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Tradition by Design
Passed down through the ages, our Italian family recipes are authentic and seasonal. All products are local, Fresh and eco-friendly.

About us

Michelin Chef Roberto Rispoli concocts his own signature family recipes. Loyal to tradition, all dishes are created with passion and Love

Roberto’s Story

My Italian food values are deeply rooted in my country’s rich culinary heritage.We have a strong appreciation for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the art of simple, flavorsome cooking.


In Italy, the importance of local, sustainable, traditional food is essential. We encourage a careful approach to food that fosters a strong connection with the community, environment, and real taste!


Honey Di Sulla


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Calamarata Artisanal Pasta


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Rigatoni Artisanal Pasta


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our values

Italian cuisine is highly regarded by Italians and food enthusiasts worldwide.

Quality ingredients

Whether pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, cheese, or wine, the emphasis is on using the best possible ingredients to create authentic and delicious dishes.


We follow seasonal eating patterns, giving preference to foods that are grown at a specific time in the year. This ensures the freshest produce and supports local farmers.


Traditional Italian dishes often have a minimal number of ingredients, allowing natural flavors to shine. Less is considered as more when it comes to seasoning and preparation.

Regional Divercity

Each region takes pride in their own regional cuisine and celebrates local specialties


Culinary tradition is passed down through generations. Recipes are often cherished family secrets, and traditional cooking techniques are highly regarded.

Slow Food movements:

History of our products

Linosa Capers: Cultivation & Harvesting

Taste & Harvesting

The caper plants on Linosa are carefully cultivated and harvested by hand, following traditional methods passed down through generations.
Taste: Our Capers are the flower buds of the caper plant (Capparis spinosa) are carefully selected and harvested before they bloom. Harvested in salt and vinegar. This creates a distinctive tangy, salty flavor, making them a popular ingredient in a number of Mediterranean dishes, sauces, salads, and condiments


The volcanic soil, combined with the island’s climate and proximity to the sea, contributes to the exceptional flavor profile of these capers. They are often prized for their intense aroma, delicate texture, and complex taste.
Their distinct flavor and culinary versatility make them a prized addition to various dishes, from Mediterranean cuisine to international recipes.

Questions Answers

Are there any additives or preservatives in your products?

Our products are certified preservative and artificial additive free!

As we use natural products and the acidity level in tomatoes can fluctuate; we add a little sugar to our recipes, depending on the batch, to balance out the acidity.

Sicily! We harvest the products in the vicinity of the artisanal production house! We’re committed to a responsible approach with important economic values to ensure all parties involved are treated fairly and equally.

The aim is to bring out the natural flavour of the basic product which is assisted by the fact that we are able to harvest our fruit and vegetables when they’re ripe and in season!

Our Pesto’s are great for sauces or pasta, some of our customers also use savory pâtés as a base for vinaigrettes or our sweet spreads as toppings or fillings for their cakes and desserts!

They’re all ready to eat!  Chef Roberto Rispoli has made the sauces ready to use with the perfect balance of salt and basil 🌿. We work with a small artesian production house in Sicily that is walking distance from the field where the tomatoes grow allowing them to harvest the tomatoes at the optimum ripeness, as nature intended!

The amount of sugar per liter is very small (50g per liter) and sometimes non-existent, but this depends on the harvest as some batches of tomatoes are naturally more acidic.

This is the secret of Italian mammas, to reduce acidity in a healthy and balanced way before pasteurization.

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Passed down through the ages, our Italian family recipes are authentic and seasonal.

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