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About us

Inspired by 10 years of friendship, and a trip to Sicily with friends Cedric Casanova and Marco Mulé, in 2019, I decided to take open my own restaurant, Il Mulino Mule (Paris 10ème), based on a concept that is dear to me; products traceability, simple, tasty products, including olives, capers, vegetables …and the quality of the wheat used in pasta.
In 2020, the opportunity came to move to Dubai… And here I am!Today I’m still in the kitchen, as Executive Chef for a prestigious luxury hotel brand.

Roberto’s Story

Born in Pompeii, Italy, I grew up in Campania, a region where modest families live with strong values based on cultivating the land.When I was 17, I decided to discover France. I worked at Le Coq Gadby (Rennes), which gave me a taste for French gastronomy.I then moved on to the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland (Il Padrino) before returning to Italy to work at L’Andana (Tuscany) with Alain Ducasse and my master and friend Christophe Martin.

Between 2010 and 2017, I worked at Il Carpaccio, Royal Monceau (Paris), which was a springboard for my career. We were the first foreign restaurant in Paris to be awarded a Michelin star in 2012. A real honor for the team and myself.In February 2017, I joined the Mavrommatis family. We received our first star in less than a year. I remain deeply grateful for the knowledge of Greek cooking and culture that Mr. Andreas Mavrommatis gave me.

The Origin

In 2019, we created a range of Italian sauces for retail, for my restaurant in Paris “Mulino Mule”. The idea was that clients could take home a flavor from the restaurant and benefit from the convenience of signature sauces. They provide
a quick and easy way to enhance the flavor of any meal!

These sauces can be used in a variety of dishes, making them versatile for consumers. For example, a tomato-based sauce can be used for pasta, pizza, lasagna, and more, offering multiple application possibilities.

Our Mission

Meals create an essential connection

Italians value the social aspect of eating and place importance on sharing simple, quality, delicious meals with loved ones.

Ignite & Inspire

As a father, I encourage the next generation to take their future into their own hands. The creation of Vegetariano Italiano is an entrepreneurial and natural way for me to continue sharing my 25 years of professional experience together with my interest and values in good Italian food, taste, and products.

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